Do you have to be a member to attend the CILA Annual Conference?
No, the conference is open to non-members and members of CILA. However the pricing structure is different. Please see here for the 2019 ticket prices.

Can I have a reduced rate for the tickets?
We have reduced rates for our volunteers and students of CILA. You can also make a group booking which offers a reduced rate per ticket. Please refer to the pricing page for more information.

Can we exhibit?
Our exhibitors are mostly our annual sponsors and industry partners. However you are welcome to request a space by emailing info@cila.org.uk and we will come back to you.

Can I pay by invoice?
You can purchase tickets by invoice if you have your employer listed as your preferred payment. You can contact the office to request that you pay by invoice by emailing info@cila.co.uk. However the Institute reserves the right to refuse invoicing if it deems the request to close to the date of the event.